Dr. Anne-Therese Körtgen

Dr. Dipl.-Inform. Anne-Therese Körtgen


Responsibilites -- Research Areas -- Projects -- Publications -- Teaching -- Education --


  • Academic project acquisition
  • Industrial project acquisition
  • Leader of the working group Cloud Computing/SaaS
  • Project leader and implementation within industrial projects
  • Manager of SE Lab

Research Areas


  • Cloud Computing, Software as a Service
  • Service Integration
  • Data and Tool Integration
  • Consistency Management in Design Processes
  • Software Architectures


  • Model-based Development
  • Framework Development
  • Language Extensions
  • Model Transformation
  • Graph Grammars


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Project name and description Position Date
Software for cloud platforms: characteristics, model-based development, architecture, interfaces, domain modeling, service integration Project leader 1 year (03/10 - 01/11)
IT analysis and specifications in multiple projects in the energy trading sector IT Architect at Platinion GmbH, Cologne 5 months (09/09 - 01/10)
Tools for consistency management between design products (subproject T5 of TB 61 in cooperation with Comos Industry Solutions GmbH) Project leader, developer 3 years (07/06 - 06/09)
Applications and Simulation in eHomes Project leader 6 months part time (09/07 - 02/08)
Model-based wrapper development (subproject I3 of SFB 476) Student assistant, developer 4 years (03/02 - 05/06)
Analysis and evaluation of onboard diagnostic data of the Eurofighter Developer at EADS Division Defence and security Systems, Munich 3 months (08/04 - 10/04)
Implementation of web applications in multiple projects Developer at tops.net, Bonn 4 months (05/00 - 09/00)
Server administration and maintenance at clients office, PC and network installations Freelancer for Jörn Ott EDV-Service & Beratung, Bad Honnef 2 years (1998 - 2000)



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  • A. Körtgen, S. M. Becker, and S. Herold. A Graph-Based Framework for Rapid Construction of Document Integration Tools. Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science, 21 pp., SDPS, 2007.



2006-2009 PhD student at the Department of Computer Science 3 (Software Engineering) at the Aachen University of Technology (RWTH Aachen), Germany
2000-2006 Study of Computer Science with focus on Software Engineering, RWTH Aachen, Germany